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JS-DP Immersion sensors

The product model:JS-DP
The production:China
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The Immersion Sensor is a special sensor for waterproof applications, e.g.: Bedroom, library, museum, warehouse, wareroom, storehouse, depot, depository, depositary, generator room, machine room, engine room, etc. When the water permeates into room, and connects to any point of the linetype detector, the detector will trigger and output one dry contact singal to the alarm system. The alarm system will alert the users immediately.


JS-DP-1/2-*immersion transmitter outputs the relay signal or the voltage level signal, when the sensor meet water, the sensor resistance value changed. Features as follow: the high reliability, the anti-interference design, the high sensitivity the short response time, installing convenience, the power source, the input and the output all isolate. This product can be widely applied in the communication station, the engine room, the library, the guesthouse, the hotel, the warehouse and so on.


 Relay output

 Four sensitivity selector

 One transmitter support multi immersion sensors

 Isolation from supply, sensors and outputs

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