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JS-DX Cable Type Water Immersion Transmitter

The product model:JS-DX
The production:China
Attention index:1568

JS - DX series is a split and guide installation type new  water transmitter matched with water sensor.It is mainly used for monitoring  water in somewhere or continuous several place.Its principle is transmitter modulating incentive water sensor, once there is water at sensor's place, the signal changes back to the transmitter, then the transmitter's special chip amplification, plastic, comparison, output high and low level or relay alarms. This series of products using the power, input and output three-terminal isolation technology, greatly improve the electrical compatibility and system reliability;It designs anti-oxidation, prevent polarization, anti-corrosion for input;  the photoelectric isolation and coil isolation protection of output , effectively guarantee its reliability and long life.


This series of products used for communication base station, precision machine room, library, hotel, warehouse and some other place need to have water alarmed.


High isolation: power supply, input and output three-terminal isolation design

Four gears sensitivity: according to the site condition sensitivity adjust transmitter's gear

Fission design: standard guide rail installation; Sensor and transmitter separate design

The patent technology:there is  the  conductive rubber cable of metal conductor inside the sensor, it through twisted-pair connection mode fixed on the cord scaffold

Use features: water sensors need to be installed  close to the ground ,no requirement of polarity direction, anti-oxidation, prevent polarization, anti-corrosion design

Has wide applicable occasions:can make special size according to  the field detection range(Longest 50 meters)

Measurement medium general medium
False alarm rate 100ppm
Working temperature 0℃~50
Sensitivity gear1:0kΩ5kΩ
5MΩ(very sensitive gear,a little water alarmed)
Output relay output(load current 100mA)
high-low level output:VL is 0V(±0.5V)
                                   VH is 5V or 12V(±0.5V)
Isolation  DC2000V
Power supply DC24V(9VDC32VDC)
anti-interference grade National standard grade 3
Working humidity 20%RH100%RH
Static power 0.5W
Alarming max power consumption 1.2W

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