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JS-G Full Isolation and Sealed Type Water Immersion Transmitter

The product model:JS-G
The production:China
Attention index:1534

This is JS - G fully sealed water transmitter. The impedance changes after electrode immersing in water,then the special integrated chip amplify the signal, plastic and compare signal , then output dry contact or high and low level change signal, to indicate whether there is water at transmitter location; Using integration fully sealed plastic shell design, to ensure the high reliability of the product.


This series of products used for communication base station, precision machine room, library, hotel,  restaurant,warehouse and some other place need to have water alarmed.


The principle is that electrode immersed in water, then resistance changes. The special integrated chip makes signal amplified , plastic, comparison, then output high and low level or relay alarming signal. Product line design adopts photoelectric isolation,coil isolation, relay isolation and other security measures.Using  full sealed design,guarantee high precision and reliability.

The integration of full sealed design;  power supply, input and output full isolation; High reliability; Strong anti-interference.

False alarm rate 100ppm
Working temperature 0℃~50
Output relay output(load current 100mA)
high-low level output:VL is 0V(±0.5V)
                                   VH is 5V or 12V(±0.5V)
Power supply DC24V(9VDC36VDC)
Load capacity SSR≤ 100mA(big current can reach to 1A,need to order)
High-low level≥3k(when the high level output reach to 12V,power supply should higher than 16V)
Working humidity 20%RH100%RH
Static power 0.5W
Alarming max power consumption 1.2W

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