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JRFR-2-21 900M Wireless Multi-channel Receiving Recorder

The product model:JRFR-2-21
The production:China
Attention index:2363

900M wireless multi-channel receiving recorder is matched with active acquisition terminal. The wireless temperature and humidity recorder has a TFT color screen and visible buttons, can  read data and set patameter directly.It has SD card storage function, used to keep sampling end values, also has alarming function of temperature and humidity limit, when over the limit,it will give alarm reminder to LED.


Simple to use, free parameters configuration

Using its own collision agreement, support a large number of collection terminal read data at the same time, the biggest support number is 200.

Have the function of automatic and manual distribution  address, can avoid collection terminal 's address assignment.

Support network locking function, effectively prevent the collection terminal outside net from  interference.

Support delete function of acquisition end, can delete useless acquisition in the grid.

Support the large capacity of SD storage, maximum suppor tis 32 G

Three status indicators, is clear about its working condition

Support communication signal strength query

Support acquisition terminal battery power queries

Support disconnection status query

Receiving data of 900M temperature data acquisition card

Set the  parameters of 900 m temperature acquisition card

A key restore factory parameter function

The maximum communication distance from acquisition end can reach 600 m (open environment)

320 x 240 high definition Chinese characters display

Visual keystrokes

Built-in high-capacity rechargeable batteries, battery life is long

Power supply  3. 8V lithium battery
Average power consumption about 2w
External communication  RS485/RS232/USB interface
Communication protocol MODBUS-RTU
Display screen 3.2 inch 320x240 TFT color screen
Key visual key
GSM exist
SD card max capacity 32G
File format Txt
RF  Frequency point 915MHz
Channel range 115
Net ID No. 0x00000000-0xFFFFFFFF
Max communication distance 400m(open environment)
Max acquisition end No. 200 pieces
Collection address allocation support to automatic and manual distribution
Environment temperature  -20~+60
Environment humidity 5RH95RH
Battery capacity 3600mA/h
Dimension 200mm×100mm×30mm
Weight  500g

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