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JRFW-2-15 900M Cone Type Temperature Acquisition End

The product model:JRFW-2-15
The production:China
Attention index:2118

JRFW-2-15 900M cone type temperature acquisitionhas a stable performance and long service life, fast response speed, wide measuring range, low power consumption, probe condensation resistance, etc. Can be widely used in high and low temperature box, refrigerator monitoring, etc.


Can be widely applied to the soil temperature, freezers, and temperature sensitive occasions


Using free communication protocol, stable and reliable, without drop.

Simple to use, free of configuration.

A built-in watchdog,operation stable and reliable .

Have switch machine, electricity automatically connected to the Internet, the operation is simple.

For mobile applications, you can choose the built-in antenna, prevent loose touch antenna lead to communication failures.

Low power consumption, the use of battery life is (1 ~ 2) years,10min each time.

Can connect with the relay equipment to prolong communication distance.

Power supply  3.3 V lithium battery(Single section)
Range medium temperature: -40℃~120℃
Accuracy temperature ±0.5℃(-20℃ ~ 60℃)
Display no
Data acquisition interval period 60s~1h(adjustable)
Communication frequency band 915MHz
Communication distance 400m
Supported No. in net A receiving device support up to 200 collection side
Environment temperature  -20~+70℃
Environment humidity 5%RH~90%RH
Long-term stability temperature﹤0.1℃/year
Battery type 2400mA/h 3.6V  lithium battery
Battery No. 1 section(with 1battery out the factory)
Duration 1~2 years
Weight  ≦200g
Shell ABS 125mm×86mm×41mm

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