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JRFW-2-11 900M Temperature Acquisition Card

The product model:JRFW-2-11
The production:China
Attention index:2256

900 MB card type temperature acquisition card is a new product that combined RFID and the real-time temperature measuring, it's identification and surroundings temperature cycle measurement through  64 - bit ID , and the receiver extracting the environment temperature in real time by wireless means, can be directly determined whether the environment temperature is beyond the scope allowed, realizing the whole process of temperature monitoring, and ensure product quality. This product uses fully sealed waterproof design.

900 MB card temperature acquisition card has many kinds of receiver sides, and have very strong complementary to each other, a variety of choice, to satisfy the demands of different industries.


Can be widely used in cold chain transportation temperature monitoring, such as vaccines, blood products, and fresh food, can also be used to the cold storage temperature monitoring, and all the environmental temperature measurements with special requirements in different industries.


Have a combination of temperature acquisition and 64 digital identity

Collision design, support large number of temperature acquisition terminals aquisition temperature at the same time.

Temperature acquisition time interval can be set, time interval can set from 30 seconds to 1 hour

Ultra low power design

Fully sealed design, built-in antenna.

Operation is simple, real-time, stop temperature acquisition

Can be adjusted signal sensitivity according to requirements

Compact appearance

Waterproof design

Temperature aquisition range -20℃~+70
Accuracy ±0.5℃(-10+60℃)
Temperature acquisition interval period 30s1h
Power supply  lithium battery inside
Life of battery 12 year
Communication frequency band 915M
Communication distance about100m

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