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JQAW-3-B Economical CO2 Transmitter

The product model:JQAW-3-B
The production:China
Attention index:1643

Sensor, transmit integrated design, suitable for indoor environment measurement of CO2


Patent design of infrared precision optical path for CO2 standard sensor

High sensitivity, stable performance and long service life, no oxygen dependence, low power consumption, temperature compensation can be performed

Good appearance, easy installation


Power supply DC24V22V26V
Max current 80mA (DC 24V)
Range 0ppm~2000ppm0ppm~5000ppm(10000ppm,50000ppm can be ordered)
Accurancy ± (40 ppm +5%F•S)(25)
Stability ≤2%F•S
Nonlinear ≤1%F•S(22)
Signal refresh time 4s
System preheat time ≤90scan operation
≤10min (max accurancy)
Working environment 0~50℃;0%RH~95%RH non-condensation
Output signal voltage output0V~5V0V~10V
current output4mA~20mA
Load capacity voltage outputoutput impedance250Ω
current output≤500Ω
Installation way wall mounted
Shell ABSwhite113mm ×72mm × 37mm
Weight ≤ 150g

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