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JQAW-3 CO2 Transmitter

The product model:JQAW-3
The production:China
Attention index:1676

JQAW-3 series CO2 sensor adopts American GE two-channel high quality CO2 module design and dual channel nondispersive infrared principle(NDIR), gold-plated optical element,long time working assure the stability and reliability of the CO2 measurement.with 4 mA ~ 20 mA current, and 0V~ 5V, 0V~ 10V voltage output ,it's an indoor environment measurement transducer.


Sensor, transmit integrated design, suitable for indoor environment measurement of CO2.It also can applied to a high concentration occasion in a long term.


GE dual channel CO2 module, have calibration function

Nice appearance, simple installation

Stable performance and long service life


Power supply DC24V22V26V
Max current 80mA (DC 24V)
Range 0ppm~2000ppm0ppm~5000ppmcan order)0ppm~10000ppm0ppm~50000ppm
Accurancy ± (40 ppm +3%F•S)(22)
Temperature drift ±0.2F•S/
Stability ≤2%F•S
Nonlinear ≤1%F•S(22)
Pressure drift 0.13% of reading/mm Hg
Signal refresh time 4s
Respond time ≤2min reach to 90% of changes,
Preheat time ≤2min(constant output)≤10minmax accurancy
Working environment 0~50℃;0%RH~95%RH non-condensation
Output signal voltage output0V~5V0V~10Vdead zone is 30mV
current output4mA~20mA
Load capacity voltage outputoutput impedance250Ω
current output≤500Ω
Installation way wall mountedthe gourd hole or screws fixed on the wall
Shell ABSwhite113mm ×72mm × 37mm

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