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JYB-1 Self-charging Intelligent Pressure Transmitter

The product model:JYB-1
The production:China
Attention index:3493

JYB-1 series pressure transmitter is a high integration, multi-function digital, intelligent transmitter which developed by ourself.It adopts mature and reliable sensor technology, combining with advanced single chip microcomputer technology and sensor digital conversion technology.Core controller adopts 16 bit single chip microcomputer, its powerful function and high speed computing power ensure the good quality of the transmitter. Protective shell design,site LCD,combination of battery power supply and power supply, prevent work stop. RS - 485 network communication,can read the real-time pressure value, so as to make corresponding measures according to different situation. At the same time, the transmitter integrate the detail product information in it, so that users can track and manage the product.



RS - 485 serial communication, communication distance can reach as far as 1000 meters

Support the standard ModBus RTU protocol

It's integrate the detail product information inside,which made it easy for users to query and management.

It has rechargeable lithium battery inside, which can maintain the normal operation when sudden power outages

LCD display with backlight used with keystrokes to provide good man-machine interface

Smart watchdog

A key recovery, fast recovery factory Settings

Power supply DC24V(12V-30V)
Maximum power consumption 1W
Maximum working pressure two times of range
Measuring range 0—100MPa
Medium temperature -30 degree to 80 degree
Environment temperature -20 degree to 70 degree
Communication type RS-485
Comminication protocol Modbus RTU
Accuracy class  grade 0.2 (range  from 70kPa to 5MPa )
 grade 0.5 (range  from 5kPa~70kPa )
 grade 0.5 (range  from 5MPa~35MPa )
nonlinear ± 0.1F.S
Hysteresis and repeatability ± 0.2F.S
long-term stability ± 0.1F.S/y
The thermal zero drift ± 0.02F.S/
electrical connection  Wiring terminal
process connection M20× 1.5 external thread or DN25 flange
Case material cast aluminium
IP grade IP65
Product weight about 1240g

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