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JYB-KO-C1000 Large Screen Battery Powered Pressure Transmitter

The product model:JYB-KO-C1000
The production:China
Attention index:3266

This pressure gauge is a battery powered with LCD display and high precision pressure gauge


When in inconvenient power supply environment, this product is suitable for  transport energy pipeline pressure  monitoring such as oil,gas, heating isosceles triangle and other place.LCD show is convenient for reading data. batteries powed, ultra low power design, sustainable work more than one year; Metal shell, full sealed explosion proof design.


LCD show scene data

Built-in instrument information, intelligent inquiry and management

Battery or DC 24V power supply mode, ultra low power design

Parameter settings such as zero migration,optional units,setting a range and so on

Power supply 1.5 V dry cell (Basic section 4,volume 2 ah)
Measuring range any range within 0—100MPa,5kPa is the smallest range (Diffusion Silicon Pressure Transmitter)
Medium temperature -20℃~60
Environment temperature -30℃~85
Accuracy class  grade 0.2 (range  from 70kPa to 5MPa )
 grade 0.5 (range  from 5kPa~70kPa )
 grade 0.5 (range  from 5MPa~100MPa )
Zero drifing ≤± 0.03%F•S/
Average power consumption <2mW
Visual size 54mm× 45mm
Shell size Ф D:100mmH:60mm
Process connection M20× 1.5
IP grade IP 54
Power monitoring Low power indicator

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