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JYB-KB-L Marine Level Transmitter

The product model:JYB-KB-L
The production:China
Attention index:1591

This product is designed for ship industry, and  suitable for all kinds of cabin pressure, liquid level measurement, China classification society CCS authentication products.It has been widely used in ship industry.


Unique condensation waterproof design

Excellent overload resistance and corrosion resistance

Over-voltage and over-current protection circuit

Anti surge voltage

Reverse polarity protection

High stability

Strong anti-interference ability

Widely practicability

Installation simple

Classification society certificate

measuring range level measurement:any range within 060m, 0.5m is the smallest range
Pressure measurement:any range within 040MPa, 5kPa is the smallest range
Power supply DC 24V12V32V
Load capacity current mode≤500Ω (DC24V)
voltage mode:output impedance≤250Ω 
accuracy class(reference conditions
Refers to the temperature at 23 + 2  and a standard atmospheric pressure)
 grade A:±0.25%F.S
 grade B: ±0.5%F.S
medium temperature 20℃~60
environment temperature 10℃~60
Response time ≤ 100ms
Hysteresis and repeatability ± 0.1F.S
long-term stability ± 0.1F.S/y
nonlinear ± 0.2F.S
Thermal zero drift ± 0.03F.S/
Max working pressure two times of range
electrical connection standard Horsman/cable
process connection M20 × 1.5  outside thread(L except)
The external parts material 316L stainless steel
Shell material 316L stainless steel
IP grade IP 68/IP 54
Measuring medium  oil, water, gas and other compatible with stainless steel medium
 Intrinsic safetyexplosive protection Exib CT6 

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