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JQYB Atmospheric Pressure Transmitter

The product model:JQYB
The production:China
Attention index:3282

Intelligent digital circuit, atmospheric pressure automatically correct temperature drift with the temperature change

Three prevent design: prevent surge voltage, polarity reverse and electromagnetic interference

LCD more information liquid crystal display

A variety ways of output like voltage, current,network and so on

measuring range 0110kPa
Power supply DC 24V12V32V
Load capacity current mode≤500Ω 
voltage mode≥3kΩ
accuracy  ± 0.25F.S(when the temperature is 23±2and a standard atmospheric pressure;± 0.5F.S
medium temperature  10℃~50
environment temperature  10℃~50
Response time ≤ 50ms
Hysteresis and repeatability ± 0.2F.S
long-term stability ± 0.1F.S/y
nonlinear ± 0.2F.S
Thermal zero drift ± 0.02F.S/
Max working pressure two times of range
electrical connection terminal
measuring medium air

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