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Dedicated to development of Internet of things sensor manufacturers and KunLun coast
Release time:2013-12-18 14:15:42

      At present, the development of Internet of things be just unfolding, the smart grid, intelligent traffic, intelligent logistics, intelligence Home Furnishing, environmental protection, industrial control, medical, precision agriculture and animal husbandry, the financial services industry, public security, national defense etc., progress has been made in application of Internet of things. However, we also should see, our country Internet of things in general is still in the early stages of exploration and development of demonstration and application, and has not formed the scale application, a certain distance with the developed countries. Closely related to sensor and networking technology, one of the important factors for the future development of networking support. Committed to the sensor chip, sensor node R & D Enterprises -- KunLun coast is the sensor is one of the leading companies in the Internet of things, which are how to develop? Recently, Chinese automation network interviewed Beijing KunLun coast, to further understand the dedicated IOT technology development corporation.

One, at the end of the Expo, KunLun coast received wide acclaim from the industry to display the latest products, can tell us about the basic situation and characteristics of KunLun coast will show in Botswana's latest products, technology.
Answer: KunLun coast products are mainly divided into industrial control, environmental monitoring, wireless sensor and data acquisition in four categories; in this Expo, KunLun coast booth experience demonstration area has more than four categories of products. One of the highlights of the other things cloud services platform is our focus on display. Through this platform, customers can arbitrary terminal directly to check the site network node in real time, alarm, historical data, browsing map information or data curve.
Two, 2013 has been over the past 10 months, the overall economic environment has improved but is not obvious, KunLun coast in the market look how, what are the results obtained, it is difficult to.
Answer: after years of efforts, KunLun coast products and technology has maintained a leading position in the industry. In 2013, KunLun coast has won the China Mobile cup first wisdom Beijing Competition outstanding solution award, JZH-0 wireless sensor for Indigenous Innovation Award control engineering network selection. The company take "the ground high precision pressure sensor industrialization key technology research" in the "ground high precision pressure sensor instrument development and industrialization of research" project successfully passed the acceptance; JYB pressure liquid level transmitter company R & D, production of the success of gas explosion proof certificate; anything or each stage is not Everything is going smoothly. And KunLun coast has an excellent team is not afraid of difficulties, unity and coordination. In the face of difficulties, we can always maintain an optimistic attitude, and to overcome.


 Three, KunLun coast early in 2000 through the ISO9001 quality system certification, now also have the GJB national military standard system certification, ISO14000 environmental quality system certification, DET Norske Veritas certification qualification, visible KunLun coast is paid great attention to the quality and technology of product innovation, KunLun coast is by what means to ensure the upgrade the quality of the products and technology?
Answer: in the new situation, KunLun coast is committed to the development and application of new technology and new products, to the sensor chip, sensor nodes as the breakthrough point, producing a new type of compounds with independent intellectual property rights of the networked sensor chip. Only in this way can we face the challenge and filled the technology blank; KunLun coast down in the process of production cost and improve efficiency, enhance the ability to control each of the production process, only the products of high quality and low cost to have the market competitiveness. KunLun coast than lower priced line manufacturers, because blindly to reduce costs, the final product quality difficult to guarantee; KunLun coast has always been committed to providing quality products and services for customers in the industry, always grasp the changing needs of customers, according to customer demand to arrange technology research, products must strictly follow the ISO9001-2008 quality management system the requirements of production, ensure the passing rate of the factory. When the product to customers, no matter what problems KunLun coast, the full support of customers, together with the analysis of reasons, to solve the problem quickly, do the "worry free service".
Four, the Internet of things has developed rapidly in recent years, KunLun coast in July this year also specially set up Wuxi coast KunLun IOT Technology Co. Ltd., what is why the company was founded, whether it means that the key KunLun coast to the Internet of things will transfer in the direction of tilt, and give the corresponding policy, fund.
Answer: with the continuous development of information technology, the Internet of things into the society, and by the attention from all walks of life become the focus of industry, sensor once again usher in a period of rapid development, KunLun coast certainly cannot miss this new opportunity, to conform to the market demand of Internet of things growing, Wuxi KunLun coast Complex Technology Co. Ltd. in the year 7 early into full operation. Wuxi KunLun coast around the sensing layer of the sensor and the transport layer networking gateway two core, in the related product technology R & D and production, a full range of solutions to provide data measurement, collection and access to Internet enterprise and cloud service enterprises, the establishment of the Wuxi KunLun coast to coast, will enhance the KunLun sensor and Internet gateway products accelerated.
Five, your company on Wuxi coast of KunLun IOT Technology Co. Ltd. give how expectations? There is not a specific target?
Answer: Wuxi KunLun coast complex technology limited company is Beijing KunLun Coast Sensing Technology Co. Ltd. in Wuxi set up a wholly owned subsidiary, registered capital of 20000000 yuan, mainly for the domestic Internet of things and cloud computing provide sensor, perception layer gateway products and services. In 2014, Wuxi KunLun Coast sales target is 35000000.
Development will be six, KunLun coast in the IOT play what role, if there is to position yourself clear?
Answer: the main products KunLun coast belong to things networking perception layer and the transport layer, this is one of the important factors for the future development of networking support. Future, KunLun coast will use new technology, new equipment, new technology from the sensor chip, sensor nodes start, produce new own networking sensor chip. KunLun coast vision: become the leading supplier of sensors and data acquisition products, with the first-class technology and products supporting the development of Internet of things. Will guide us network this emerging industry work steadily in the farther and farther.
Seven, KunLun coast 2014 planning objectives have been released? Can say one or two.
Answer: the same overall direction in 2014, a quarter of optimization process, mainly to reduce the production cost to provide customers with more quality products, another key is to speed up the product channels, safeguard the interests of dealers, improve market share.
Eight fundamental condition, can you talk about the sensor market, and how the existence of the problem, and ask you to predict the next sensor market.
Answer: with the development of Internet of things, perception layer sensor as the Internet of things will bring more new business opportunities for the sensing and measurement, but also has caused the government to attach great importance to the industry as a whole, the market is constantly expanding the scope of application. The next few years, sensor technology gradually to focus on miniaturization, low power consumption, high precision and fast service corresponding technical innovation, KunLun coast will seize the pulse of the times, closely follow the national policy direction, to establish reliable, professional, sincere service the corporate image, to provide high quality products for our customers.

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