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Flameproof pressure transmitter to defend the safety of mine
Release time:2013-12-10 14:04:05

JYB-KGH series flameproof pressure liquid level transmitter designed by KunLun coastal development, mainly methane and coal dust explosion in coal mines dangerous to measure pressure, mine fan, diesel locomotive, ventilation tunnel, mine pumping station
Measurement of gas mixture, pressure control systems and other equipment of high purity hydrogen or hydrogen content is high.

Product features:
• import diffusion silicon core, precision measurement for different medium and different temperature and pressure level;
• flameproof enclosure design, stainless steel laser welding, anti-corrosion, waterproof, shockproof;
• by class I electrical equipment, thermal stability and damp heat test;
• anti overload impact and interference ability;
• overvoltage and overcurrent reverse polarity surge protection;
• long service life, high reliability;
• I electrical safety explosion-proof certification.


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